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Manifest from your Pocket
Indulge yourself in this exclusive experience, with instant access to me, to manifest to you the LOVE you seek and more 

Manifest from your Pocket is an exclusive 1-2-1 experience with me where I am instantly available to guide and support you through your manifestation journey

Take me in your back pocket everywhere you go!


Manifest from your Pocket

is an instant “on the go” manifesting 1-2-1 EXPERIENCE for anyone and for those that just cannot dedicate set times with 1-2-1 sessions. See it as me in your little back pocket for that instant needed guidance, encouragement, knowledge library and support for all things MANIFESTING.

This is an exclusively curated, 4 week, indulgent 1-2-1 voice note manifestation experience, for instant access to me, whilst on the go for everything MANIFESTING

 All by simply and effortlessly voice noting me, whilst on the go!

(just like you would a friend)  


This is all exclusively yours and waiting for you to experience with me:

2 voice notes a day, on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's

2 detailed responses from me a day, on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's

So simple!!


 The investment for "Manifest from your Pocket" to get instant "on the go" access to me for FOUR weeks is 

£1,650 GBP ($2,096 USD estimated)

If you chose to pay in one instalment the cost is reduced to £1,500 GBP ($1,906 USD estimated)


You can also select a payment plan to split the payment into two or three monthly payments.  

Two separate monthly instalments of 

£825 GBP ($1,048 USD per payment estimated) 


Three separate monthly instalments of

£600 GBP ($762 USD per payment estimated

Please note the USD exchange rate against GBP can fluctuate daily, so it is best to google the exchange rate of your country or simply ask Alexa. 

I am only opening this up with limited availability.

Indulging in yourself in this amazing investment and all from your little back pocket, gives you instant support from me, where you can ask me anything and I mean anything about manifesting. 

There is no such thing as a silly question so just go for it!!!!


This is an “on the go” instant and exclusive 1-2-1 MANIFESTATION journey with me, to get you to the love you seek and more, by taking me everywhere you go. 


I am there when you need that instant support or words of encouragement or if you have a niggly question or any questions about manifesting.


You simply just voice note me! Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday for four consecutive weeks twice a day.

With all voice notes less than10 mins long.


So YES! it is that simple.


If you are ready to indulge yourself with exclusive, instant access to me, whilst on the go, to manifest to you the love you seek and so much more and all from your back pocket....let's do this and get you signed up NOW!


"Manifest from your pocket" has limited spaces

I will update this page when I am full and I can add you to a wait list. 

I am super excited at just how simple and easy this is and to be the one in your little back pocket, taking me everywhere you go!


All you need to do is SEND me a DM on my Instagram page using the button below with the words "Manifest from your Pocket" in the heading. Now if you do not have Instagram, please do not worry. You can email me at!


Please let me know which payment plan would be the best fit for you and I will send you the associated link to make the investment to this amazing service with me.

Once this has been received I will guide you to download a free app where we can start this epic journey together. 

It leaves me to say I am beyond excited to meet you and to be a part of this amazing experience with you as your guide and  all from your little back pocket. 


Let's do this and manifest the love you seek and so much more!

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