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Become Chosen and Prioritised 

Leaving no stone unturned

Focusing on self-concept should always be our number one priority. We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. 


Changing our identity, through self-concept work is incredibly powerful. By learning how to control our mind we are taking back control of our lives and through a variety of techniques we are rewiring our mind. Manifestation is simply a reprogrammed identity of who we want to be based on what we are desiring. So when we go all in on ourselves, claiming ourselves we actually embody a new identity to create the life you and everyone deserves.


The Be Chosen and Prioritised ( by your Specific person ) MASTERCLASS deep dives into understanding what is important to you in how you truly want to see you, be seen in the world and how you want to be seen by your special person.


When we finally learn to embody the state of being chosen, we not only become the person that is chosen and fully shown up for, we create an entire shift in our reality that impacts our entire life. Your confidence will radiate, you will become magnetic, self assured and certain. Finally knowing who you truly are, who you can be, how you deserve to be and be seen as in the world. Your loving relationships and your entire life will transform.


Life happens through you not to you, therefore life comes from us ( our inner world ) and by taking control back of our mind, by training it to finally see you as you deserve to be seen, treated as you deserve to be treated, your outer reality will conform and you will feel incredibly empowered.


What people have said so far: 

"I was absolutely blown away by it and couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. You have done a great job! It is your warm and honest charisma that makes the difference."

"I am in tears, your master class was life saving. Thank you, Natalie. I desperately needed specific guidance and you provided that, and more, today."

With 2.5 hours of material, the MASTERCLASS: Become Chosen and Prioritised leaves no stone unturned. During the MASTERCLASS you will understand how to:

  • Claim yourself 

  • Become what you seek 

  • Embodying the feeling of the wish fulfilled

We then deep dive into how to become a


  • Segment Intending

  • Inner conversations

  • Scripting

  • Inspired Action

  • Visualising

  • Empowering Intentions

  • Asking the Universe

The programme concludes with a beautiful guided meditation to get you into the state of the wish fulfilled.


We close with some incredible questions from the live recording with a Q&A​


You will receive a comprehensive workbook detailing how to complete each task and understand how to do the techniques correctly to become a Master at them. 


The 2.5 hour MASTERCLASS guides you to learn how to truly show up for yourself, become the person that is chosen and prioritised by your special person by learning how to embody this to lead you into the feeling of the state of the wish fulfilled. 


As with everything in life, it takes practice practice practice, but with dedication, you really can create and have your dream life. 

Cost is £181 GBP

You will receive an email confirming purchase and automatic access to the workshop! Using the login details you used to make the investment. 

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