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❤️ Be LOVE!
4-month group transformational journey with Natalie 


Be LOVE! Is a 4-month, exclusively curated, transformational group journey, where you will learn how to unveil your deepest subconscious negative beliefs and thought patterns so you can create an iconic love story with a new love or a specific person.

There is nothing more intimate to me, when I am working with clients who are immersing themselves in the deep inner work, than when I unveil their ROOT CAUSE. 


Watching their energy shift instantly is such a magical moment. I get to experience the feeling of RELIEF sweep through their entire being. It is just like watching a tidal wave of all the hurt and pain they have buried so deeply for so many years, naturally float out of their body.  


It must be the most rewarding part of my job as an Intuitive Manifestation Coach.


This is the same process that helped my client Rachel, uncover her root cause of not being wanted, which she failed to see with other surface level work. She then manifested her SPECIFIC PERSON back in 10 days. 


Would you like to get your specific person back (like Rachel) or experience NEW LOVE, like my client Katherine, who also followed this exact same process?


Not only did Katherine meet her soul mate, whilst we were working together, she is now married to him. Her recognition at work elevated too and her salary tripled (as did her newly found sense of worth).


Did you know the BIGGEST myth about affirming is “all you need to do is to affirm and to saturate yourself in them.” 

Yes, you will get some results, but it’s time to stop kidding yourself that cheap engagements will cut it! 


It is about pouring in to you the CORRECT affirmations, like Rachel and Katherine did, that aligned to their root cause. 


This is why unveiling the root is such potent transformative work because you don’t know what it is unless you do the neural pathway work to pull it out of you once and for all!


This is why I am over the moon with excitement to be launching this brand new unique group experience with me,

“Be LOVE!”

With LIVE 1.5 hour sessions, every two weeks, for 4-months, in a warm and friendly group setting, via zoom, this powerful programme, Be LOVE! is unlike any others out there! 


 You will be taught (by me) how to journey to your own subconscious neural pathways to uncover your root cause. This is so unique and rare because you will be LEARNING how to access your INNATE POWER by developing such a potent transformative skill AND you will be able to take this skill with you for life! 


You will have unlimited access to a library full of captivating content to immerse yourself in, which will keep you truly engaged, during and after our time together. 


Each live session will be recorded for you to refer too, or there for you if for some reason you are unable to join the live. Each live session includes a welcomed (I know what you like LOL) inspiring Q&A segment with me too!


Whilst you are serenading yourself through your own journey to love by embodying the “new you” with potent, life transforming, empowering thoughts and beliefs you will have uncovered for yourself, you will also have access to a private Be LOVE! Facebook community, where I encourage you all to share lots of positive transformation stories. 


This is going to be a truly unforgettable enchanting journey that we will share, which is destined to become a cherished chapter in your timeless love story. 

The full investment for this unique 4-month group transformational journey is

£2,222 GBP ($2,806 USD estimate)

I have also incorporated 3 split payment options for you:

Investment plan for 2 months: £1,222 GBP ($1,543 USD estimate)

Investment plan for 6 months £430 GBP ($543 USD estimate)

NEW Investment plan for 9 months £300 GBP ($379 USD estimate)

Be LOVE! will commence LIVE on Wednesday 6th March 2024 with 2 available time slots:12pm UK time and 3:30pm UK time zone AND every other Wednesday for the next 4-months!

All sessions will be recorded to use as a refresher or if you are not able to join the live and will be shared in the private exclusive library you will have unlimited access too. 

If you are ready to create an iconic love story, experience mind blowing levels of abundance and to learn a life transforming technique to recode your neural pathways, then you want to get inside Be LOVE! Simply DM me using the button below or email me the key words "Be LOVE I AM READY TO DO THIS!"  and let me know what payment plan you would like to sign up with so I can send you the relevant link!


These 4-months together will be an unforgettable journey to remember. 


Much love to you all


Natalie XXX

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