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The Ultimate Foundation to Manifest Anything You Desire:
Self-Love & Self-Concept Workshop

In this workshop to self-love and creating an unshakeable self-concept to manifest anything you desire, you will learn how to:


  • Create an unshakeable self-concept and love for yourself

  • Become the most incredible and amazing version of yourself

  • Transform how others perceive you

  • Manifest anything you desire.


Your journey to being loved starts with YOU and it is time for YOU to see yourself as love, because this is who you are. How you see yourself, speak to yourself, those inner conversations you have with yourself, how you feel about yourself, and dominantly believe who you are, is the foundation of manifesting anything and everything you desire. We manifest from what we believe we are


When you have certainty within, of knowing YOU are love, knowing YOU are worthy beyond belief and so incredibly loveable, a certainty of knowing YOU are deserving of the life you are desiring, YOU truly can experience anything you want.


You can create a life you love, a life you deserve and a life you desire.


When you show up knowing you are: whole, amazing, incredible, loved, love, loveable and more...Your outer world will reflect this to you. You will experience the love you feel within you in your outer reality. That love within will be mirrored back to you.


With 2.5 hours of incredible content, that you get to keep for life, you will receive:


  • 6 videos guiding you to ultimately loving yourself

  • A workbook, complete with exercises to empower YOU

  • 3 very simple and beautiful powerful meditations



The Self-Love & Self-Concept workshop will guide you to understand, by leaving no stone unturned, how you can transform yourself to the version of you that is love, seeing yourself as incredible, beautiful, deeply worthy and loveable and how you can transform how others see you, think about you and feel about you too.


This is the place when you can truly manifest anything you desire.


This has been a dream for me to be able to share how I have transformed myself to the version of me you see now and how you can too. From everything I have learned along my journey, I really have left no stone unturned to guide you to understanding the importance of how you experience yourself in the world really does shape your life. Sharing my relatable story of my journey with you, in this 2.5 hour workshop, you will gain a deep understanding of:


  • Your true essence

  • The importance of and how to accept yourself

  • How you can heal yourself from traumas

  • Creating yourself as the version you want to be

  • The living in the end feeling and how to create that within side of you

  • How to transform how others see you

  • 3 Powerful and Beautiful Guided Meditations to land in the feeling of:

    • Experiencing your truth, love

    • Healing traumas,

    • Creating the desired living in the end state and how you desire your specific person or new person to see you

  • NEW BONUS VIDEO - Understanding the importance of forgiveness and how to forgive


I have also designed a beautiful workbook to guide you through some empowering exercises for you to embark on your practice and journey to self-love, to create an unshakeable self-concept.


If you are wanting to experience change in your life, to experience an extraordinary love from a special person or experience love from a new person, or to simply experience people showing up for you the way you have always wanted them to, the change really starts with you, self-love and your self-concept. Transforming how you see yourself by creating an unshakeable self-concept to be the magnificent version of you, you deserve to be, will transform how you see you, your life and how others experience you think of you, see you and feel about you.

Cost is £163 GBP

You will receive an email confirming purchase and automatic access to the workshop! Using the login details you used to make the investment. 

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