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  Manifest to Love 
A platinum 1-2-1 coaching experience consisting of  8 weeks of intensive subconscious reprogramming 
By application only 

This incredibly potent new 8-week 1:1 intensive transformation journey, to LOVE, will release or free you from subconscious blocks, beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from manifesting dream relationships ( a new partner or a specific person ) using my unique, intuitive neural pathways mapping technique.

This is the exact same process that helped my client MANIFEST her SP back just 10 DAYS after we finished. 

I remember the session that changed the game for her so vividly, I was in the middle of unearthing a deep rooted subconscious belief and my intuition kept telling me to keep nudging her to see if something happened during her birth. 


We were in the midst of one of my neural pathways techniques when she was suddenly transported back to a vision of her mom passing out. She was left unattended for a period of time.


It was at this moment her subconscious mind formed a belief that she was not wanted. Now I’m sure you can see how this played out with her SP journey. We released this belief, and the rest is history—a pattern of not being chosen or treated as she deserved to be dissolved and within days he was back. 


Now my client had been doing subconscious reprogramming work for years as part of her entrepreneurship journey, but no one had been able to get this deep, this quickly, to uncover the truth she was subconsciously holding onto.


We get there quickly!

So to say that I am not a typical neuro-transformation coach, would be 100% accurate. My intuitive gift sets me apart and helps me to uncover the ROOT CAUSE of the subconscious blocks FAST, that can take many others years.

My client had tried various methods, including joining SP memberships and working with other coaches, yet she hadn't reached the ROOT.

No matter how many affirmations she would speak in on a daily basis she was not able to change how people treated her in relationships. 


This is the BIGGEST misconception about affirming. It isn’t just saturating yourself in affirmations, but the right ones, which you don’t know what they are unless you find the root cause by doing the neuro pathway work. 


This work is so powerful and this is why I am beyond excited to be launching this brand new 8-week intensive

“MANIFEST TO LOVE” transformation programme.

Throughout our 8 week journey together in this brand new powerful intensive programme, Manifest to Love, we will uncover the deep rooted beliefs behind the stories YOU tell yourself that are holding you prisoner from the truth. We will get to the root cause of the matter. 


Just so you are very clear, YOU don’t have a “I can’t find the right person”, “not enough decent men/women” “I just can’t seem to manifest in the love department” issue…… 


You have a “SELF WORTH around LOVE ISSUE” 


AND with my unique intuitive skills, blended potently with my neural pathway mapping techniques, we will GO DEEP to get to the root cause of these subconscious blocks and beliefs that are keeping you stuck from experiencing fulfilling relationships once and for all!

Please note this is not a "get my SP back programme." This is a purely dedicated advanced healing programme, for you to heal to then experience your deepest hearts desires. 

Now I will be totally honest with you, this programme is not for anybody, but for the right person who is ready for this deep and potent work. Due to the nature of this work, I am only opening up limited spaces and will be asking you to make an application.

Investment options are: 

The full investment 

£7,777 GBP ($9,876 USD estimate)

I have also incorporated 2 split investment options for you:

Investment plan for 2 months: £4,138.50 GBP ($5,255 USD estimate)

Investment plan for 3 months £2,925.66 GBP ($3,715 USD estimate)


If this resonates, you can apply to be selected for the Manifest to Love 8 week intensive programme by sending me a DM on my Instagram page using the link below with the words "MANIFEST LOVE" in the heading. 


Once I have received your DM, we will have a chat and I will ask you a few simple questions about your story for you to respond too and then I will be able to confirm if you have been selected. 


If you are selected, I will send you the appropriate payment link of your choice and get you scheduled in ASAP!


Manifest to Love is a powerful life changing journey to attract love to you. As a beautiful bi-product, you might not only attract incredible love into your life, but like many of my clients, you may also manifest other forms of abundance, such as money. It's all connected, and often, releasing one subconscious belief can impact all areas of your life.


It truly is magical work.


So it leaves me to say I am beyond excited to be a part of this incredible life transforming and POTENT programme with you, MANIFEST to LOVE. These 8 weeks are going to be a journey of a life time and one you will never forget. 


Lets manifest it all!


Natalie XXX

My coaching hours start at 11am and finish at 5pm UK time zone Monday to Thursday ONLY

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