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Client Reviews 

Hello Everyone,


I truly hope this page inspires you to take your journey or continue with your journey to loving yourself. The most freeing feeling and the place where dreams are truly made, is when we love ourselves, unconditionally and unapologetically. 

With Love Natalie XXX

    Self-love workshop & Become Chosen Masterclass

    ⭐️ As long as I choose me, I am always chosen, regardless of who is or isn’t in my life.⭐️


    When you change the way you see yourself, the way you see yourself changes EVERYTHING


    " Hi Natalie,

    I hope you’re having a lovely day so far.

    I wanted to share with you a couple of experiences I’ve had since completing your Self-Love workshop and Becoming Chosen & Prioritised Masterclass.

    I’ve had three friends who were showing up in a toxic way put me in situations where I had the choice to keep going, as it was progressively getting worse, or to say goodbye. I chose to say goodbye and I’ve felt so much lighter since letting them go. And it seems so seamless that I know they are no longer supposed to be in my life.

    The other is in January I met a lovely guy, and we both seemed very interested in each other. The first month was great. The second month was horrendous. He was putting no effort in, only invited me out when he wanted help with something.

    At first I copped it because I thought maybe it’s just a tough week etc, all the excuses we tell ourselves. Then I realised it was going to be me or him, either sacrifice myself or let go of him. So I broke things off with him, and it was scary, because usually, in the romantic connections I’ve really cared about, it’s been me who’s been let go of. But the decision felt right for me.

    I did offer him the opportunity to work things out if he was willing to make changes, but at least for now, he’s not wanting to do that. And the way I see it is I win either way, he’ll either come back better or I’ll meet someone better. What I can say is this is so different to the ex before him, where I felt totally destroyed and had so much self-forgiveness to do at the end.

    This time I feel strong and resolved, which is not the way I would have felt had I not done these programs. I’ve found the true message of your Becoming Chosen masterclass was that as long as I choose me, I am always chosen, regardless of who is or isn’t in my life.


    Thank you so much for everything! "

    1:1 with Natalie 

    ⭐️ The Clarity He Dearly Needed ⭐️

    I wanted to thank you for your time, patience and wonderful insight with our session today. 

    You are truly an amazing person and I am so fortunate to have had the pleasure to not only meet you but listen and comprehend your thoughts and expertise regarding my personal situation.

    Your interest and feedback has had a major impact since we spoke and I am journaling right now about the things we discussed. I feel very much at peace with a sense of strength and confidence that I will be ok. 

    Thank you for all the kind words and compliments today.  It felt so good and emotional to have someone recognise my God loving characteristics and heart. You made my day and I will never forget our time together.


    I hope our paths will cross again and wish you all the very best in your wonderful life. 

    Self-Love Workshop 

    ⭐️ Falling in LOVE with Myself To Follow My DREAMS ⭐️

    My self-concept journey so far, since I began working with Natalie…

    I’m very conscious I’ve still got a long way to go, but just want to really thank you for all you’ve helped me with so far and how you’ve truly opened my eyes to just how important this work is. It’s a bit of an essay but I could rave about this all day!! The next couple of paragraphs are the testimonial:

    You see....

    When I found Natalie's YouTube channel 2 months ago I was absolutely lost. My relationship had just ended and it felt like my whole life had been pulled out from underneath me and I couldn’t see a way forward. I was aware of the Law of Attraction and had manifested things in the past, however, it wasn’t until Natalie, that I truly discovered the power of self-concept, and at that time, discovered how truly poor my own self-concept was. 

    I absolutely used to pay lip service to the view that you can have anything you desire when you go all in on self-love and I’d dedicate some time here and there to it, but no consistency. It’s now with hindsight I can look back and realise why certain people and situations were in my life and it all boiled down to the way I was treating myself; my relationship breakdown was no exception, here they were on a pedestal, my absolute priority and focus whilst I was letting myself fall deeper and deeper into a black hole.

    With Natalie's help, she completely enabled me to take my power back. 

    I realised how truly wrapped up I was in prioritising everyone else’s needs and feelings above my own and how my own cup was bone dry. My self-concept was in the gutter and I did not know how to climb out. 

    With Natalie's Self-Love and Self-Concept workshop, and her personal guidance during our sessions, I have thrown everything into ME. And it’s so funny that ONCE YOU start to BUILD an UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONCEPT, everything else in your LIFE GETS SO MUCH BETTER!  

    It’s been a wild ride and the journey is not over, and I know that if I ever have days of doubt, fear, anxiety or I can feel myself spiralling, it’s all because I have been neglecting myself. The old me would have allowed that state of neediness and desperation to persist but not anymore - I am not that same person. 

    You are so so so right Natalie when you say this is a DAILY COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF, but it is with that daily commitment that I have developed the absolute knowing that MY DREAM LIFE IS WAITING FOR ME NOW and is mine for the taking; I am never prepared to let myself settle for less ever again. 

    It’s taken my whole adult life so far to reach this point and I will never go back and neglect myself again, I simply cannot. 

    All the manifestation techniques in the world are redundant if you don’t first and foremost LOVE yourself and now I know better, I will do better and I will be better.So thank you again Natalie, for everything so far. 

    I would recommend your SELF-LOVE & SELF-CONCEPT Workshop over and over and over again, until I am blue in the face. 

    You’ve changed my life and I will never again take for granted the importance of investing in myself, now I know just what it can do. Self concept is my bible and I worship at the church of Natalie Dance!!

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