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Who is Natalie Dance?

When I say I know how it feels, I really know how it feels to have a life that is completely unfulfilling. My life consisted of so much unkindness from all over (work, friends, family) including my love life. I was constantly in a state of feeling totally heart broken and devastated. My work life was horrendous and I was so sad and miserable. It didn't seem to matter what I did, nothing ever got better. So to say my quality of life was not great is an understatement. 

Little did I realise that I held the key to unlocking all this unhappiness and bit by bit piece by piece I started to understand that you can have a life full of love and kindness, you can have the better health, the financial freedom and the career that you want. It doesn't matter what your dreams are there is a route to it and I can help you transform your life just as I have my own. 


We all desire to be happy

We all strive to live the life of our dreams. What you focus on, you become. Your life will always be a product of what you feel you are worth, your core beliefs, and what you spend your time thinking about. The key to achieving your greatest dreams is to change your thinking, your feelings, and your beliefs.

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The Help You Need


1:1 60 Minute Coaching Session with Natalie

In need of extra time with me? The perfect starting point or Refresher session. When you know you want to change things up, or feel you need a refresher to kick start your thinking or get your motivation back. if you would like to book a block of 10 sessions please get in touch using the contact section below. 

What you will get:​

  • 60 minute 1:1 session with Natalie cost £125


6 Week Breakthrough Programme to Your Dream Life

Things have to change. You’ve reached the point of urgent action. Let’s do this. This course is all about immersing you in yourself, your mind, to establish what’s holding you back from creating your dream career and dream life. 

Each week for 6 weeks you will receive a 1.5 hours session with me, using specific proven strategies to releasing your limiting beliefs and to attracting anything in your life that you desire. (There's no going back).

Cost £1000


1:1 30 Minute Coaching Session with Natalie

The perfect starting point or Refresher session. When you know you want to change things up, or feel you need a refresher to kick start your thinking or get your motivation back. 

What you will get:​

  • 30 minute 1:1 session with Natalie cost £70


5 Emails By Natalie

Freedom of time. Removing the commitment to time with this refreshing coaching style. 5 Emails by Natalie enables you to send 5 emails to me and receive 5 responses from me. You can ask questions, vent your feelings and thoughts to your hearts content. I guarantee a detailed response of up to 1000 words. These emails never expire, so you can always have them as your reference guide when needed. 

What you will get:

  • Email me 5 times and I will respond with 5 emails with a max of 1000 words

  • You will receive each response by me within 48 business hours



🔥NEW! Get in The Hot Seat! Live Group Coaching With Natalie


Time to get in the hot seat! With a maximum of 10 people per group session, each participant will get dedicated time with me to discuss their situation and to listen to how I guide the other participants throughout the call, so you can get EVEN MORE TIPS on MANIFESTING YOUR DREAM LIFE. 

Taking place twice a month on Wednesdays at 4pm BST. I will provide a Zoom link upon payment. 

My only ask is you come fully prepared and know what you want to discuss to get the most out of your time with me. 

Cost £40


🔥 NEW! Live Group Coaching with Natalie - Get Those Questions Answered!

Let's get those questions answered with a 2 HOUR LIVE ZOOM GROUP COACHING session with me. Maximum of 100 participants. Please submit your question to me upon payment and I will answer as many participant questions as possible in detail offering amazing tips & insights to MANIFESTING your DREAM LIFE.

Taking place twice a month on MONDAY'S at 4pm BST. I will provide you with a Zoom link upon payment. 

Once you have sent payment, PLEASE EMAIL me with your detailed question for the group session. 

Cost £35 for two hours 

I don't offer refunds but you are able to switch products. Please email me. I require 48 hours notice of a session to be moved.


Client Testimonials


If you’d like to read more testimonials, get in touch.


I've only been personal training with Natalie for a couple of weeks, having two sessions a week, but I knew instantly when she agreed to work with me I was going to see results quickly.

I initially contacted Natalie because I was feeling a lack of motivation, no energy and was not feeling my best self lets put it that way. I was also getting back into bad habits I had promised myself earlier this year I wouldn't. I knew I needed to do something and I needed support.

From our first chat her listening skills and questioning skills were amazing. She followed the initial call with a run through of a tailored programme just for me for the next five weeks and I was literally blown away by her attention to detail and her explanation as to why the programme needed to be this way.

Natalie created a tailored programme to get me fit and motivated again, which included a rehabilitation programme too for my injuries. She also documented workouts for me to follow when I wasn't having sessions with her.

From someone who has suffered with a variety of injuries due to sports in the past, I am beyond blown away with the results so far. I feel fantastic. Yes you have to put in the work to see the results but there is something about Natalie that makes the hard work just feel amazing. I cannot thank her enough and for anyone else looking for personal training, I couldn't recommend anyone more knowledgable and dedicated in you, the person


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