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Who is Natalie Dance?

When I say I know how it feels, I really know how it feels to have a life that is completely unfulfilling. My life consisted of so much unkindness from all over (work, friends, family) including my love life. I was constantly in a state of feeling totally heart broken and devastated. My work life was horrendous and I was so sad and miserable. It didn't seem to matter what I did, nothing ever got better. So to say my quality of life was not great is an understatement. 

Little did I realise that I held the key to unlocking all this unhappiness and bit by bit piece by piece I started to understand that you can have a life full of love and kindness, you can have the better health, the financial freedom and the career that you want. It doesn't matter what your dreams are there is a route to it and I can help you transform your life just as I have my own. 


We all desire to be happy

We all strive to live the life of our dreams. What you focus on, you become. Your life will always be a product of what you feel you are worth, your core beliefs, and what you spend your time thinking about. The key to achieving your greatest dreams is to change your thinking, your feelings, and your beliefs.

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I am now full for coaching in December 2021

I am now full for coaching sessions in December 2021. If you would like to book a session with me, you can still book, but please note this will be scheduled for January 2022. My hours of coaching are 10am-6pm Monday to Thursday ALL UK TIME ZONE from the New Year.

Much love to you all, Natalie XXX



The Help You Need

I am now full for coaching sessions in December 2021. If you would like to book a session with me, you can still book, but please note this will be scheduled for January 2022. My hours of coaching are 10am-6pm Monday to Thursday ALL UK TIME ZONE from the New Year.

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The Ultimate Transformation Programme

Experience 100% Total & Complete Realignment

This is the most powerful, personal transformation and realignment programme you will ever experience. There will be nothing left uncovered. We will get to the deepest roots and pull out every single weed of the problem by changing all of the filters in the subconscious mind, which are controlling your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

EVERYTHING in your reality is a projection of your thoughts and beliefs. This programme WILL transform your projection, which WILL transform your reality. YOU WILL experience 100% transformation!

Benefits and what you will get:

This 5 week programme of 1.5 - 2 hours a week, consecutively, with me, is the most powerful intervention to FINALLY experience: 

  • 100% Personal transformation 

  • 100% Personal growth

  • 100% Complete mindset upgrade

  • 100% To FINALLY create a life you love deserve and desire!

Follow ups to monitor your progress based on the specific tasks set will be scheduled on the completion of the programme. 

Cost: £1950 GBP

On receipt of payment, I will email you to schedule the 5 weekly sessions. 


6 Week Breakthrough Programme to Your Dream Life

A Personal Approach

Things have to change. You’ve reached the point of urgent action. Let’s do this. This course is all about immersing you in yourself, your mind, to establish what’s holding you back from creating your dream career and dream life. 

Each week for 6 weeks you will receive a 1.5 hours session with me, using specific proven strategies to releasing your limiting beliefs and to attracting anything in your life that you desire. (There's no going back).

Cost £1200.00


1:1 45 Minute Coaching Session with Natalie

A Personal Approach

The perfect starting point, refresher or follow up session. When you know you want to change things up, feel you need a refresher or follow up to keep you motived.

What you will get:​

  • 45 minute 1:1 session with Natalie cost £105

On receipt of payment, I will email you to schedule the session

I don't offer refunds but you are able to switch products. Please email me. I require 48 hours notice of a session to be moved.


Client Testimonials


Female Client, U.K

I used to say that my grandparents sent me an Angel my SP….they have definitely sent me another Angel when I came across Natalie….I contacted Natalie several months ago after watching her videos and I knew immediately that she was the one to help me get back my SP…I booked couple of sessions with her when she had a sale on…then I was encouraged to think about signing up for her Breakthrough Program…..and I think it is one of the best things I have ever done….working with Natalie and following her advice every week I now feel better than I have ever done….and it is not an exaggeration….since being a child I suffered with so much emotional neglect and limiting beliefs….my whole life has been an emotional struggle….from depression, eating disorder, suicidal, hating myself etc …..after completing the program I feel so much better mentally…I have found the peace in my heart I was searching for within….I know I am still on a journey…and I am not scared anymore…I know I will have my happily ever after….since completing the program I have first and foremost found happiness and peace within, without depending on other…I also feel so much happier at work and everyone are always so sweet and kind towards me and best of all I manifested a new little puppy…my daughter bought me a sweet little cavalier King Charles puppy 2 weeks ago…..I will definitely recommend Natalie’s Breakthrough Program for anyone….it’s an investment in yourself and your future.

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