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Transform your mindset to turn your dreams to reality

I used to always find some of the steps to manifesting my dreams a struggle and I never really knew why. I just couldn't stay focused enough and I don't know about you, but I would send contradictory messages to the universe all the time. It was very frustrating. Why wasn't anything working for me? Why wasn't anything changing like they said it would? Then one day I realised it was ME that needed to change. I had been my biggest obstacle. I had a fog that permanently covered my vision and my mind, stopping me from getting the things I desired.

Like a poorly sewn dress, I spent time unpicking myself until I was ready to sew myself up again when I was ready to truly love who I was. With crystal clear clarity as to why I had limiting beliefs about myself, what they were and where they came from, everything was suddenly so much clearer than it had ever been and life seemed so exciting. With my new out look on life and new limitless beliefs, I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.

With a transformed mindset, I now use these 5 clear steps to turn my dreams ( big or small ) into reality:

1, Have some fun writing down what you'd really like in your life, how you would like to be and be specific as possible.

Take a piece of paper and a pen and simply start to write. These will become your intentions. With each intention take some time to sit in it, feel it like it is yours. I do this by closing my eyes and visualise myself literally in it and I feel it how it would feel if it were really true, if it could really be mine. Remember to be really specific. For fun I like to add at the end of my intentions a positive affirmation - because I am good enough and finish with "this or something better".

2, Let it come to you - the receive bit or also known as the how.

This is where the universe has kicked in to start to make things happen for you. You've been specific about what your intentions are, you've felt what it would be like if it were true and if it were yours now, so now is the time for the universe to do its work. We always get stuck on the how. How will it happen? What do I need to do? The answer simply is nothing- don't force anything. The how will come to you in a way that is so unexpected. Things will show up and you'll start to be led on the right path. Just don't give up. Keep guiding your energy and focus to where you're headed. Everything happens at the perfect time. A saying I love to share is your past does not equal your future so don't choose to live there.

3, Strengthen your belief of your intentions

Your negative thoughts will want to show up to tell you what you want is impossible. This is where we strengthen our beliefs. Be diligent. When a negative thought pops in, override it with an intention. If an obstacle appears in your way to reach your intention attach a positive assumption to it. This is being shown to me because.....Always look at things showing up for you positively. Not only will you feel better it will keep you on track to strengthening your belief. Look out for signs. If you want to receive flowers and you hear a song about roses, intend this to be a sign you're getting closer to it. Look out for synchronicities and coincidences and have fun in the belief that these are signs that everything is working out for you SO get excited when you think about them.

4, Get excited to allow it

I love this step. Enjoy the excitement, the build up and the feeling your intentions are creating inside of you. What if it were in your life now? Take that feeling and embrace it in all areas of your life. Live your life full of fun and joy and do things you love to keep moving you forwards to getting closer to your dream. Being happy where you are with unshakeable faith that it is all working out for you.

5, Celebrate your wins everyday with gratitude

It doesn't matter how big or small. It could be you smiled at a stranger and they smiled back at you. You took a walk in nature when you're normally stuck at your desk, you told a friend how much they mean to you, you spoke more kindly to yourself, you cooked a delicious nutritious meal. It doesn't matter, but celebrate your amazingness every day because you are!

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