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Manifest Your Specific Person (for good) 
This is the ultimate masterclass on what to do and what NOT to do to manifest your SPECIFIC PERSON for good.


Imagine right now, you are with your person and you hear them say this to you. 


"You're everything I prayed you would be and more."


Close your eyes off to the world for a moment take a deep breath in and out and imagine your specific person is with you now and this is what you hear them say to you. Allow yourself to embody this inner experience and  feel how it feels deep from your core. 


Ok I am now going to take you on a little journey to understanding the below statement.  


"What your heart desires, desires you."


What I truly believe it means is this. 

You are the creator of your life. 

You are the God of your reality. 

Everything starts and ends with you. 

Everything in your reality is a creation from you and is reflected to you in your outer world. 


There are multiple parallel realities you can choose to experience and throughout the day, they will alternate, depending on what you are thinking at anyone time. 


One minute ( for example ) you could be feeling the wish fulfilled state of being with your person and then you could be feeling more dominantly the living in the end state of them not being with you. 


The reality you are currently experiencing is the one you dominantly think, believe and assume more of. 


Your heart desires you to be with your specific person


The reason the desire is there in the first place is because there is a version of you in an alternate reality experiencing it right now. Which is why the feeling of the desire, to experience it, is so strong. 


The second point I want to make clear here is that you get to choose every second of every minute of every day which thought, feeling and belief you want to have. Thoughts where you are aligning to your hearts desire and thoughts where you are not.  


My final point here is that when it comes to the Neville Goddard concept, everyone is you pushed out, it desires you because you desire it.  You are the God of (the creator of) your reality. The desire, desires you because you desire it. So it will desire you because you are telling yourself it does from the desire itself. 


Which leads me back to the original point that YES, you are everything they prayed you would be (and more) because if this is your DOMINANT BELIEF and desire, it will be your experience. 


You get to choose 

You get to choose the reality you want to live in every single day: 

One with your specific person 

One where you hear them say this to you and so much more

One where you are living with them committed together

One where you are married to them

One where they treat you like a God Goddess


It is a choice to make and a choice to remain faithful to it, which sounds so super simple, but people give up on their dream relationship with their SP for so many reasons. You do not have to be that person anymore. 


You deserve to experience what your heart desires, never forget that!


So, if you ARE READY to turn this around, to manifest your specific person (for good) then guys, I am super excited to for you to be a part of this masterclass:  



This is the ultimate masterclass on what to do and what NOT to do to manifest your SPECIFIC PERSON for good.

Join me live and participate in all the action, including the ever so popular Q&A segment with me or catch unlimited access to the replays of what is going to be the ultimate masterclass on what to do and what NOT to do to manifest your SP for good.


Date: Wednesday 22nd MAY

Time: 2:30PM UK TIME

Duration: 2 hours (including Q&A time)


If you are ready to experience what your heart desires.

To bring your Specific Person to you (for good)

To hear them say (and more) to you "You're everything I prayed you would be."


Access to this masterclass is available 

for £111 GBP ($140 USD)

Click the purchase button below to sign up. 

With the choice to join me LIVE and share a wonderful interactive experience with me

or watch the REPLAY 

(you will ALL have unlimIted access to the replay)


or you can access this from The Collective. Go to the menu tab!

The ultimate membership to manifest love (SP or new) money and a magnetic self concept. Access this space to unlock ALL my intensive masterclasses and workshops (and all future live masterclasses and recorded self-study programs)


I am super excited to meet you there. 


Much love Natalie


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