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How to change your emotional state instantly!

Movement has been a big part of my life for years. From running daily, to teaching exercise classes. It wasn't until 1998 though, when I was 21, that I decided to join a gym and I never looked back. Seeing other people teach classes that I loved, inspired me to do the same and I loved it. How I choose to move now has evolved. I always new that any form of movement was good for you. I always felt good during and afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my feel good emotions with my class members too. The energy that was created was amazing.

In 2016, I decided to stop teaching exercise classes and it was then I really understood the power of movement. The energy I created in the classes I taught was bigger than I realised, and I only realised when I stopped instructing. It felt like something was missing and I can honestly say I felt low when I didn't have it. I had to re-think and to find another form of creating movement for me, to keep myself in a positive state.

Over the last 5 years I have completely mixed up how I move now. From daily Yoga practice, to outdoor cycling in the beautiful countryside, running, HIIT, walking for miles, dancing, wall-climbing. You name it I do it and it really does get me into an amazing state every time, no matter how hard or easy the movement is, or if I have been in a negative state to start with.

You see, it doesn't need to be hardcore, gym based movement to entice those endorphines to be released. It doesn't have to cost anything to feel the pleasure of movement and to move and feel good. I recently attended a seminar which encouraged jumping up and down on the spot to amazing music and shaking my butt to change my attitude. All of this made me feel incredible.

Movement creates positive emotions and those positive emotions create better focus and the better focused you are the more positive your language is. It is all inter-linked to create that positive state. Which creates confidence and certainty and clarity, along with belief - that "I can do anything attitude". A lot of the times after a movement session, I have felt like I could conquer the world.

If I could share one piece of advice to keep you in a positive mindset, it would be movement. Start with movement and the rest literally follows.

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