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Personalised Subliminal
Audio & Visual

A Personal Touch

Have you ever wished you could have your very own tailored and personalised affirmation subliminal audio and video recording? 

Now you can!

With this incredible package, you will receive a 1:1 45 minute discovery session ( via zoom which is free to download ) with Natalie so she can truly understand exactly what it is you are desiring and what you need to focus on telling yourself you are (with affirmations) to receive the life you truly deserve and the manifestations you desire,


These powerful and individualised affirmations will ultimately get you into the state of the wish fulfilled, which is the inner experience, that feeling within you, as though you already have the desire, which is an extremely important part of  manifesting anything you desire 

"What you tell yourself you are, you will become".


 Following the 45 minute 1:1 discovery session, Natalie will create specifically tailored affirmations based on your own personal situation, desires and goals, which, if persisted in listening too, will ultimately guide you to revising your old thoughts, to create a brand new identity. This is done by embedding these new beautiful and powerful affirmations within the sub conscious mind, which will create the inner experience of having your desire ( the ultimate state of the wish fulfilled ) 

With any form of coaching guidance purchased, it is your persistence and consistency, along with faith, that will ultimately, over time, align you to your new way of thinking and therefore experiencing your desires and  goals within your outer reality.


By listening to these powerful affirmations Natalie will have tailored for you ( using the audio or the visual link you will receive) you will receive ) and looping them in your mind when you are able to, throughout your day, you will create a new identity within, the identity of someone that already is experiencing their desired outcome, to receive the desire.

Once the discovery session has been completed, Natalie will give you a two - three week window of when the audio and visual will sent to you. 


The video will be created with beautifully tailored story book visuals and suitable music, which will be looped for you for 3 hours so you can choose to fall to sleep with this as well. This is when the sub-conscious mind is most impressionable.

What you will get:​

  •  1 X 45 min discovery session with Natalie (based on her coaching hours and availability)

  • A tailored affirmation audio link 

  • A 3 hour looped, individualised affirmation subliminal story book video, which you get to keep for life


My coaching hours start at 11am and finish at 5pm UK time zone Monday to Thursday ONLY

Cost £333 GBP

What happens next?

On receipt of payment, I will email, within 24 hours, to schedule you in for the 45 minute discovery session with me. Please always check your junk email folder in case the email lands there.

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