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❤️ Be LOVE!
The Intensive Intimate 1-2-1 Experience with Natalie 

The ultimate transformation breakthrough journey to reprogramme your subconscious beliefs 

2 month 1-2-1 transformational journey with Natalie

Join me on this Intensive, intimate 1-2-1 advanced transformational 2 month journey, where you will work directly 1-2-1 with me to unveil your deepest subconscious negative beliefs and thought patterns, so you can create an iconic love story with a new love or a specific person. 

I only have limited spaces for this programme and will create a wait list when needed

This advanced life transforming process is the same process that helped my client Rachel, uncover her root cause of not being wanted, which she failed to see with other surface level work. She then manifested her SPECIFIC PERSON back in 10 days. 


Would you like to get your specific person back (like Rachel) or experience NEW LOVE, like my client Katherine, who also followed this exact same process?


Not only did Katherine meet her soul mate, whilst we were working together, she is now married to him. Her recognition at work elevated too and her salary tripled (as did her newly found sense of worth).


Did you know the BIGGEST myth about affirming is “all you need to do is to affirm and to saturate yourself in them.” 

Yes, you will get some results, but it’s time to stop kidding yourself that cheap engagements will cut it! 


It is about pouring in to you the CORRECT affirmations, like Rachel and Katherine did, that aligned to their root cause. 


Unveiling the root is such potent transformative work because you don’t know what it is unless you do the neural pathway work to pull it out of you once and for all!


I am so excited to bring this advanced, intensive, life transforming and unique programme,

“Be LOVE!” to you all with the intensive intimate 1-2-1 experience with me.  

With replays ready for you to immerse yourself in, and now with 2 months of 8,1 hour weekly sessions with me, in warm, safe and friendly zoom sessions, this is an advanced deep and intensive life transforming programme, which is why Be LOVE! is unlike any others out there! 

Phase ONE and TWO are now recorded for you to access, along with the self-love healing practices (aka your homework) in a captivating library of content for you to immerse in. 


During the healing phase replays, you are taught by me how to journey to your own subconscious neural pathways to uncover your root cause. This is so unique and rare because you will be LEARNING how to access your INNATE POWER, to outwit your EGO by developing such a potent transformative skill, you will be able to take this skill with you for life! The healing phase is for you transform within to finally become the version of you that you were born to be…….


The root is the driver/controller of the trajectory of your life and until you know what it is, it’s very hard to transform your life how you want it to be, as I and my clients had found out. 


With the life transforming skill, you learn how to dig deep and we pulled that weed out and we revised it with empowering beliefs and learns from her subconscious and this is what she had to say just two days after the session:

Check out all of my client reviews on my instagram page under the client review tab and in my posts about just how Be LOVE! is TRANSFORMING my clients lives.

You see, once YOU know what YOUR ROOT is, YOU can turn it around within MINUTES!


YOU do this by diving back into the subconscious mind to get the truth of you through the learns (empowering beliefs and affirmations) you will be given, with my guidance in the modules, from accessing your subconscious mind.


It is this stage that enables you to FINALLY override the root and to FREE you from this prison you have been encased in your entire life. 

You are NOW finally free to access your deepest heart felt desires to be all you have always aspired to be do and have:


The iconic love story (with SP or new love interest)

Create and finally elevate your success 
Attract long lasting relationships
Increase your income 
Attract high-end clients 
Discover your soul’s true purpose 
Achieving your ideal body 

The list is now endless!

You will then take your new identity and naturally blend it beautifully into phase 2!  


Whilst you are remaining focused on your self-love deep healing practices from the captivating library of teachings you can still join the live VIP calls and get your hot seat time with me, you will now learn the manifestation skills in how to become a master at Neville Goddard’s techniques (blending in beautifully with your new identity). To bring your vision of your iconic love to reality. and so much more. This is not just a transformation in one area, but all areas of your life. Yes it is that powerful when you are that dedicated and committed. 

I am available:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays only between 11am UK and finishing no later than 5pm UK time.

Please do check the time zone clock below

for any changes to these times due to Summer time hours shifting forwards in March. 


This journey is magical and my clients in the programme (that has not finished yet) are not only feeling into their new empowered identity through the deep advanced inner healing neural pathway mapping work from phase one, but they are now experiencing movement with their SP's. 


This is truly a cherished moment in time, for you to experience just how incredibly powerful you are, now you are

waking up to the truth of you. 

You have unlimited access to an exclusive library full of captivating content to immerse yourself in, in between our time together, which will keep you truly engaged.

It really is about taking one module week by week before embarking on the next and your dedication.


This is going to be a truly unforgettable enchanting journey that we will share intimately in our 1-2-1 sessions together,


It is destined to become a cherished chapter in your timeless love story. 

The full investment for this unique 2 month intensive and intimate 1-2-1 experience with me

£5,888 GBP ($7,477 USD estimate)

I have also incorporated 2 split investment options for you:

Investment plan for 2 months: £3,111 GBP ($3, 950 USD estimate)

Investment plan for 3 months £2,148 GBP ($1,691 USD estimate)

If you are ready to create an iconic love story, to dive into advanced neural pathway rewiring with me blind spotting you in the intensive intimate private 1-2-1, to receive mind blowing levels of abundance and to learn an advanced, life transforming technique, to recode your neural pathways, then you want to get inside

Be LOVE! The Intensive Intimate 2 month 1-2-1 Experience with Natalie.


Simply DM me using the button below or email me the key words "Be LOVE 1-2-1" for a chat 


Your journey to experiencing the life you deserved is closer than you realise. 

Much love to you all


Natalie XXX

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