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6 Week Breakthrough Programme to
Your Dream Life

Become your dream version
Experience what it finally feels like to be free of those old thoughts and emotions that are keeping you STUCK and away from the life you DESERVE! AND when you purchase this programme you will also RECEIVE for FREE the Self Love & Self Concept Workshop!  

Things have to change. You’ve reached the point of urgent action. Let’s do this. This programme is all about immersing you in yourself, your mind, to establish what’s holding you back from creating your dream relationship and dream life. 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to feel free, free from a mind that has been controlling you your entire life, keeping you from the life you can only dream about right now? Or free from how others behave towards you? Or have you wondered what it would be like to finally experience true love, unconditional love and to be treated how you have always wanted to be treated...?


This scientifically proven programme has been designed to BREAKTHROUGH deep rooted traumas and limiting beliefs THAT ARE DOING NOTHING but holding you back from a LIFE you deserve, the LOVE you deserve!


This programme will get to these roots, these traumas and deep rooted limiting beliefs and eliminate them. How? By changing all of the filters in the subconscious mind, which are controlling your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

EVERYTHING in your reality is a projection of your thoughts and beliefs. This programme WILL transform your projection, which WILL transform your reality. 

Each week for 6 weeks you will receive a 1.5 hours session with me ( just you and  I), using specific proven strategies to releasing your limiting beliefs and to attracting anything in your life that you desire. (There's no going back).


Cost is £3,850.00 GBP 

My coaching hours start at 11am and finish at 5pm UK time zone Monday to Thursday ONLY

What happens next?

On receipt of payment, I will email, within 24 hours, to schedule you in for all 6 sessions and you will receive a separate email for the self-love workshop. Please always check your junk email folder in case the email lands there. 

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